Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a list of FAQ's below to help you use or understand the website.

How do I get coins?

To get coins we simply require a small donation to cover the cost of shipping. Shipping prices will vary depending on your location, you may click here for more information.

Don't have access to fund to pay? No problem! We have a community treasure chest where other kind strangers have donated to help us cover the costs associated with sending coins to .. other strangers, such as yourself! Click here for more information.

What is this website?

Welcome to Uncle Mullet! A place to celebrate acts of kindness, laughter, and love.

Uncle Mullet is here to remind us that the world is not a dark place. Every day kind deeds and loving selfless acts occur that don't necessarily make the news!

Our world is filled with loving generous souls and most importantly – that I am not the only Uncle Mullet! There are many wonderful Mullets out there and this can be our meeting place.

This is OUR network.

The basic idea is, when you perform a good deed - or someone does something good for your - you pass along the coin. The coin is now the currency of kindness, and we can watch it travel around the world!

When should I give my coin away?

The perfect moment to give your coin away would be when you perform a good deed for someone. You can give them your coin, the currency of kindness, and just tell them to 'pay it forward'. However, you are free to distribute the coins however you wish. If someone does something for you, you can give it to them. If you simply want to spread the word of UncleMullet then you can just give coins randomly! There are no strict rules on this, we are just happy to watch the world fill up with yellow hearts!

Who submits the coin event?

This is really up to you. The issue is, if you do a good deed and pass the coin on then you no longer have the coin. However, the coins have easy codes to remember, so if you do happen to remember it then feel free to submit the event yourself - else the person which received the coin may make a post instead! Worst case scenario, you both post - and that's fine!!

How do I view the good deeds or events people have published?

There are 3 different views for this, first we have the overview which will display every event that has been submitted, click here to view this. Secondly we have the path view, this will show you all events for a specific coin and display a line between them so you can see where the coin has been, to view this you would need to click on a heart on the overview map and click the tracking code (click image 'path' below). Finally, we have the speicifc view. The specific view shows a single event, and any images associated with it and also allows other users to respond - to view this you would need to click on a heart on the overview map and click 'read more' (click image 'specific' below).

Do I need to register to use the website?

To use our website, post events, and even replies, requires no registration. However, if you do register to our website then you will be able to view your response and event history incase you ever want to check back. Additionally, we won't spam you so if you do register and we ever want to send you some important news then we will have your email on record. Emails aren't free, so we won't send you something unless it's important.

I saw a post that is offensive

Sorry to hear that! Every post is checked manually by our trained team of labradors but the odd bad-apple may slip through. Please report the item you find offensive and we will check it again and take appropriate actions. Please see the images below if you are unable to locate the report option.

What's an event? I don't understand these words!

Sorry if the words we are using to refer to things seem illogical, when you have been working on a project like this things start to make sense whether it truly does or not! So, an 'event' refers to a coin submission, and a 'response' refers to a reply to an event. A 'coin' is a token that we have distributed across the world with a unique code on each one allowing them to be tracked on this very website!

I have posted something but it has not shown up

Sorry for any inconvenience, however to make sure only appropriate content is displayed to all our visitors we must approve each piece of content before it is displayed. This is typically a quick process, and once approve it can take up to 60 minutes to it to be added to our map! Thanks for participating.

Do you need any volunteers to help run the site?

Ultimately, the answer is yes - however, we can not take applications for these positions. Please don't be disheartened or offended, I would recommend staying active in the website by posting responses, and watch Uncle Mullets videos where any such opportunity's will likely be announced.

I've noticed a bug, how can I contact you?

If you encounter any bugs, or wish to contact us in any way, you should email [email protected] and we will hopefully deal with it as soon as possible.

What data are you collecting about me?

We will use cookies throughout your time on this website to store data that is needed to recognise you when you return, understand how you use our website, and personalise your experience. Registered users will also have their email address stored in our database, these will not be shared with any third party. Finally, we store access logs for all requests - this simply means when you load a page our server will log your IP address and which page you loaded. These logs are purged frequently, and are used to prevent abuse.