See Good, Do Good.

Scott Hardy

What is unclemullet?

UncleMullet.com is the virtual home of YouTubes own Uncle Mullet. This website is a way to track positivity by following wooden coins as they traverse the world, they are a token that represents an act of good and there are thousands scattered around the globe. If you have been given a coin, you should click the 'Received a coin' tab at the top of this page, or if you simply want to submit something good without a coin, you can use the 'Submit without a coin' option!

The currency of kindness

What is the currency of kindness?

These wooden nickels are a like a "pay it forward" token, a literal currency of kindness. If you have a coin and you meet somebody who is doing an act of good, or if you do something good for them, you can hand them over the coin. Either you or the recipient of the coin can then visit this website, enter the tracking code from the back of the coin, and submit a description of the event. This will then be shown on our world map, lighting the world up with little yellow hearts. You can even submit images along with your submission!

Get involved

Amazing! But how do I get involved?

To help our cause, you simply need to do something good whenever you can. To make it sweeter, you could also request some coins and we will ship them out to you as soon as possible. Please Click Here for more information on receiving coins, or other ways to help out - such as our Community Treasure Chest!